About Us

What do you do when it’s your turn to take care of your parents? Aging is a fact of life. So why does it always seem to catch us by surprise that our parents need to be cared for? And how do we do it?

Such questions are what led me to start this business.

My mother lived in Baltimore.  After several falls (and several trips back east), my sisters and I realized that it was time to do something.  The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s moved our decision-making into high gear.  An assisted living facility, which met our standards, had an opening.  How could we afford it?  Selling the house was the obvious answer.  Thus began my first job as a senior move manager.  My five sisters and I gathered together to complete the monumental task of emptying the house that my dad had built in 1938.  We each had one week of “vacation”.  Was that enough time?  As it turns out, it wasn’t.

But the seeds of helping others in the same situation had been planted.  So much knowledge had been gained by struggling through this experience.  Surely, I could make it easier for other children of aging parents!

So here I am several years later, still helping the parents and Things Forgotten the children of the parents.

ThingsForgotten_SPOT_VERTOur mission statement says that our goal is…

“To transition seniors, and/or their families, comfortably, efficiently, and lovingly into the next stage of their lives.”

Some say it is a ministry.  I know that every time we relocate a senior and they tell us it feels “just like home” that we have reached our goal.